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Standard booth includes



  • Fascia name board
  • Panel system, white
  • Chair ( 2 units)
  • Fluorescent lamps (2 units)
  • Needle punch carpet
  • Reception desk (1 unit)
  • Waste Basket
  • Power socket (1 unit, not for lighting)



Space Only :

  • USD 290 per sq.m. (min.18 sq.m.)
  • THB 8,700 per sq.m.

Space & Standard booth :

  • USD 290+ 30 sq.m
  • THB 8,700 + 900/ sq.m

*Remark :
- Standard booth price consists of
     1. Space only price : THB 8,700 per sq.m / USD 290 per sq.m
     2. Structure + furniture : THB 900 per sq.m / USD 30 per sq.m
- Thai baht applicable to companies registered in Thailand only